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Who is P.F. Chiang's ?

P.F. Chang's is one of the world's largest Asian restaurant chains. Owned by China Bistro Inc., P.F. Chang's offers a blend of Asian-inspired haute cuisine in a friendly, sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere. The restaurant offers an innovative menu, prepared to order, while paying particular attention to quality service. P.F. Chang's is dedicated to creating an experience that will delight your senses. With over 270 restaurants worldwide, P.F. Chang's has expanded into international markets all the way here, to Canada.

Who is Philip Chiang?

The inspiration behind a gifted man

Cofounder of P.F. Chang’s

Philip Chiang was born in Shanghai and grew up in Tokyo, before relocating to San Francisco. In the early 1960s, his mother opened, “The Mandarin”, one of the first Chinese restaurants in the United States to serve Chinese food from regions other than Canton. The Mandarin became widely known for its high-end cuisine and eventually led to a second location in Beverly Hills.

After graduating with a B.F.A. at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Chiang ran The Mandarin for several years before opening an off-shoot concept called “The Mandarette” in West Hollywood. As a smaller, less expensive café, the restaurant served “grazing food” which became an immediate hit and attracted the attention of restaurateur Paul Fleming. After successfully opening Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Beverly Hills, Fleming was looking for a new opportunity. In 1992, Chiang agreed to consult on a Chinese restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona where Fleming had recently relocated. One year later, the first P.F. Chang’s China Bistro opened and today there are over 200 locations worldwide.

In his current role, Chiang acts as a culinary consultant to ensure P.F. Chang’s remains true to the restaurant’s original vision of creating great craveable food that guests cannot get anywhere else. He also oversees new dish development and is responsible for the current menu.

When Chiang is not consulting, he paints and pursues his love of the arts in Los Angeles. He also enjoys spending time with his daughter.

Philip Chiang